Prakriti Basu


As an eloquitionist :

Attributed a very recent feather in her cap is having a privilege to do compering in AIR FM Gold Channel, in the name of "Paagol Hawa".
As a dancer :

 A passionate Bharatnatyam learner from the very childhood started from CLT under the guidance of renowned Guru Govindan Kutty, folk form from guru Kanai Dutta, then from Guru Thankumani Kutty performed through out India in different private and Govt invitations.

Through her association with Guru Tanusree Shankar who initiated her into the world of Udayshankar style of creative dance,she has imbibed this enthral world famous style into the indigenous Bharatnatyam thus creating a style of her own,lyrical n sublime.

Teaching is also her another forte. Presently associated with Bikram Ghosh Institution of Performing Arts and Baitanik along with Gurusreshta Jaya Seal Ghosh and Guru Tania Dewanji.

Smt PRAKRITI BASU continues to perform within various Govt. programme in other states of India . Performed EZCC programmes, in different dance Utsav like Udaysganjar Festival, Govindan Kutty festival. She still continues to visit out of India as a performer as well as the dance judge



She has given innumerable prestigious performances in the country and abroad. She teaches Bharatnatyam through the avenues of Bhava,Raga and tala.

Apart from this classical era,she paves her path through modern dance,folk dance,fusion n ballet. 

Choreographed many a dance dramas based on Rabindranath Tagore plays,songs and dramas viz Shamannyo Khati,Barsha Mongal, esheychey shorot and so on. Her nimble footwork,  dexterous and sinewy movements,sculpturesque and graceful, mesmerising “Abhinaya”transports the audience to her make-believe world of Rabindra Nari.

She works in her home town under the banner of Techno India,Picasso and


 LAHORI is a banner and a production house too owned by me.

Already under its banner one AIR programme and a number of Dance Programmes  based on Rabindranath and other themes together with so many renowned artists had been produced

It motivates and supports other form of arts and the respective artists too.